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Welcome to the Buy Kiwi Marketplace

Buy Kiwi is here to help you and your Kiwi owned business connect with potential customers locally, nationally and globally.

We provide Kiwi owned businesses with a New Zealand centric digital platform to display their products and services to a wide network of Kiwi consumers, supported by extensive marketing campaigns. Our goal is to encourage Kiwi shoppers to support New Zealand businesses rather than send their money to overseas companies.

One way to think of it is that Buy Kiwi is the “Costco” of eCommerce for New Zealand businesses. 100% New Zealand owned and only for New Zealand owned businesses – all in one place.

So, don’t miss out on getting your business and products in front of thousands of potential customers – register as a Seller with Buy Kiwi today.

Buy Kiwi Seller Services

Buy Kiwi Listing 

Be found by potential customers looking for your services in your local area.

A site where consumers can search to find your business, your products and/or services. It’s similar to Google search, but it gives Kiwi consumers the confidence that they are supporting a Kiwi owned business.

A Buy Kiwi Business listing can also help with SEO. Each business listing subscription receives Buy Kiwi window and point of sale stickers for their physical premises, as well as digital Buy Kiwi assets to display on their digital channels (website, social media, email etc).

  • Business listing on www.buykiwi.co.nz  
  • 1 window decal and 3 point of sale decals 
  • Permitted use of Buy Kiwi digital assets on website, email etc

Monthly business listing fee: 

$20+gst payable monthly in advance from your nominated credit card with a minimum term of 12 months, thereafter monthly renewable. No referral fees or any other additional fees.

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e-Comm Gold

$149+gst monthly

This is a great solution for businesses who are serious, about the eCommerce capability of their business – loaded with heaps of automations to maximise productivity and efficiency. 



  • Business Basic plus
  • Up to 1000 SKU’s
  • Fortnightly sales payout less success fees
  • No other fees or charges
  • $149.00+gst per month
  • eComm Gold Automation
  • Minimum term of 12 months
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e-Comm Platinum

$199+gst monthly

For serious and more mature eCommerce businesses with a large range of products who understand “time is money”. This solution is loaded with heaps of automations to maximise productivity and efficiency, with the scale to support high sales volumes, large product ranges and variations in products.


  • Business Basic plus
  • Up to 5000 SKU’s
  • Fortnightly sales payout less success fees
  • Success payment is set at an individual business level
  • Just $199+gst per month
  • eComm Platinum Automation
  • Minimum term of 12 months

Use of our Family of Kiwis

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Buy Kiwi Owned Logo

All levels of registered Buy Kiwi sellers are permitted to use the Buy Kiwi logos on their digital assets such as website, social media channels and email. 

Buy Kiwi window decals and point of sale stickers are also provided, additional decals and stickers can be ordered by emailing support@buykiwi.co.nz

Let your local community know that you are proudly Kiwi owned and boost incentive to support you.

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Buy Kiwi Made Logo

Create point of difference for your products and services with our “Buy Kiwi Made” logo.

We recognise a number of “Kiwi Made” certifications and also provide our own certification process for the use of the “Buy Kiwi Made” logo.

We also provide a dedicated “Buy Kiwi Made” category on www.buykiwi.co.nz to help your Kiwi made products stand out. 

Buy Kiwi Organic Logo

Organic products are one of the fastest categories on the planet, with more and more consumers deliberately searching for organic products.

Create point of difference for your products and services with our “Buy Kiwi Organic” logo.

We recognise a number of “Organic” certifications for the use of the “Buy Kiwi Organic” logo that you can proudly display on your organic products.

Buy Kiwi Sustainable Logo

Suitable for your business listing as well as your products and/or services.

Sustainability is another fast growing segment with many consumers becoming more discerning as to whether their purchases are good for the planet.

We recognise a number of “Sustainable” certifications for the use of the “Buy Kiwi Sustainable” logo.

*Additional information provided once you have registered your interest to become a Buy Kiwi Seller 

How it Works


The Buy Kiwi Marketplace offers connectivity with leading eCommerce applications and CRM solutions so that sellers can manage their catalogues and orders directly via the Seller Portal.

Minimises complexity

This minimises complexity in product onboarding and ensures that you are able to effortlessly maintain Pricing, Inventory, and Product Data in constant sync.

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Buy Kiwi Seller Resources

Access our resources below for in-depth guides.


Following the guides on the links above is essential to completing your Vendor Profile and selling on the Buy Kiwi Marketplace.

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