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Low Risk, Low Cost, Low Effort

Buy Kiwi is an eCommerce platform built for, and only for, Kiwi-owned businesses. Buy Kiwi is a low cost, low effort & low risk opportunity for businesses to increase their reach and grow their business exponentially.

So join us! Together we can make a difference to help New Zealand thrive and prosper.

Buy Kiwi Seller Support

Whether it’s learning how to onboard products, gaining access to webinars, or simply finding extra info – we’re here to help!

Become a Buy Kiwi Seller

All the info you need to become a Buy Kiwi Seller! Follow our simple process to onboard your business and start selling on Buy Kiwi


Gain access to e-books packed with practical recommendations that are designed to help your online business grow 


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Supporting New Zealand Owned Matters

Support Kiwi Businesses

We are here to help you & your Kiwi-owned business connect with customers locally, nationally and globally 🌏.

Buy Kiwi is the marketplace built specifically for, and only for, New Zealand owned businesses.

We do this via a sophisticated yet cost-effective eCommerce platform that we have spent years researching and refining.

New Zealand Centric Digital Platform

We provide Kiwi businesses with a New Zealand centric digital platform to display their products & services to a wide network of Kiwi consumers supported by extensive marketing campaigns.

Supporting Local Matters

This is to encourage Kiwi shoppers to support New Zealand Businesses rather than sending their hard earned dollars to overseas companies. 

We also support Kiwi made, highlighting New Zealand made products with our soon-to-be-released “Buy Kiwi Made” Kiwi.

Connect & Support

Our purpose is help Kiwi businesses & shoppers to come together on one platform to support local and shop local.

We believe all of this is good for our local communities & goes a long way to helping New Zealand, and all of us, thrive & prosper.

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