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How do I register to be a seller at Buy Kiwi?
Is there a registration fee to become a seller at Buy Kiwi?

There is no fee to register as a seller, however there are membership fees associated with a Buy Kiwi seller account

Can imported goods and/or services be listed on the platform?

The fact is New Zealand does not produce all of the goods and/or services we need or want to purchase. Examples such as iPhones, TVs, Washing Machines, Motor Vehicles, Laptops, Personal Computer and many more. Given this very real situation, our position is wherever possible we should purchase imported goods from Kiwi-owned businesses* to minimise the amount of New Zealand dollars being sent overseas and to maximise the benefits of helping Kiwi businesses thrive. Hence, some imported goods and/ or services are listed on our platform.

New Zealand produced** products and or services can be recognised by the Buy Kiwi logo™ being listed on the product display section. Imported products and/or services do not have our logo listed in the product section.

Do you have to be an NZ company to be listed as a seller?

It is an eligibility requirement for sellers to be at least 80% NZ owned* to be listed on our platform.

Do I need a website to list my business on Buy Kiwi?

No, Buy Kiwi can be used as your website, you can add products and sell your products on Buy Kiwi without a website.

This can be a cost-effective solution for new businesses or businesses targeting a local area. As you get bigger, we do recommend you make contact with Virtual Innovation to set up a professional website. They will also advise on the right type of website to implement.

What are the guidelines to set up my shop once I am accepted seller?

Along with meeting all the normal laws in NZ such as the Fair Trading Act, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to set-up your shop on the Buy Kiwi Marketplace.

What shipping options are available on Buy Kiwi?

Sellers set and manage their shipping options on Buy Kiwi via their eCommerce platforms. 

We recommend Easyship for those who do not have shipping options or are looking for an alternative solution from their current shipping provider. 

How do sellers get paid on Buy Kiwi?

All payouts are facilitated securely through Stripe, sellers must therefore create an account with Stripe to receive payouts on Buy Kiwi’s marketplace. 

I already have a business Stripe account. Do I need another one?

Yes, Stripe requires a different account to enable Buy Kiwi to pay your business for it’s sales via the Buy Kiwi platform. Payouts can only be completed after the Stripe account is fully approved by Stripe. 

How often does Buy Kiwi pay sellers?

Buy Kiwi processes payouts for sellers’ completed sales every 14 days on every second Wednesday to Friday.

If any given Wednesday to Friday is a public holiday, payment will be processed on the next business day. 

Payments are 14 days post receipt of funds from the client, less any applicable deductions, fees, and charges.

For example, if a Seller payment was made on Wednesday, February the 28th, it would be for sales from 1st to 14th February.

* It can take up 72 hours for payment runs to fully process to the seller’s Stripe account, especially during peak sales periods.

Can I use my Buy Kiwi listing for marketing/advertising?

Yes, you can use your Buy Kiwi business listing or Buy Kiwi store link with your marketing campaigns such as Facebook boosted posts and email campaigns to direct traffic to your business listing/store on Buy Kiwi.

SImply copy the link for your store or product from your website browser and paste into your marketing campaign.

Can Buy Kiwi help with marketing with B2B business?

Yes, Buy Kiwi has a range of options for B2B marketing above and beyond it’s Buy Kiwi Business Listing product – please sales@buykiwi.co.nz for more information.

Does Buy Kiwi offer additional marketing support beyond listing of products on the Buy Kiwi platform?

Yes, Buy Kiwi has a range of options to help our Sellers achieve their sales objectives. 

Please contact sales@buykiwi.co.nz for more information on reach, options and pricing. 

Are alcohol sales permitted on Buy Kiwi?

Yes, as long as all legal requirements as well as any Buy Kiwi special conditions relating to the sale of alcohol are met by the Seller.

Please refer to Buy Kiwi’s Alcohol Sale Information or contact support@buykiwi.co.nz for more information

What are the required dimensions for product images on the Buy Kiwi website?

The recommended size for images is 500 x 500 px, in the format jpg. Any other size or ratio may cause images to be distorted and will have to be removed from the platform.

What are the required dimensions for business logos on the Buy Kiwi website?

The recommended size for logos is 170 x 170 px. 

Does Buy Kiwi process refunds and returns on behalf of the Sellers?

No, this is the responsibility of the Seller to manage directly with the customer. 

Why does Buy Kiwi have a 14-day post receipt of funds Seller payment policy?

We allow 14 days for deliveries etc to take effect and to allow a reasonable amount of time for our sellers to action any refund requests, customer queries or anything of the like. 

Does Buy Kiwi refund success fees (commission) for refunds and returns?

We strongly encourage all Sellers to ensure they provide information that is clear, concise and accurate so customers make a fully informed decision to purchase. 

Buy Kiwi views refund and return requests as the Sellers responsibility, therefore, at the completion of the sale, Buy Kiwi has fulfilled its role of connecting the customer and the seller. 

As such, Buy Kiwi does not refund success fees (commission) in these circumstances. 

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